Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PLANTS WITHOUT BORDERS - building bridges through plants

WELCOME TO "PLANTS WITHOUT BORDERS" - A new project about native plants & how they can build bridges between different cultures! I am Carol Hoffman-Guzman, your guide. This project is one of the many great programs at the Arts at St. Johns.

Sometimes it is a little difficult to find commonalities among us Miami people -- we come from Atlanta, or Mexico, or Georgia, or Denver, or Colombia, Cuba, or Haiti. But, one thing we DO have in common, throughout the Caribbean and the Americas, is a similarity in plants.

Plants are world travelers. They don’t pay much attention to political borders, to language differences, to oceans and seas. Long before humans lived in our region, plants were taking cross-country and oceanic trips to other areas. And even today, they quietly float and fly past border guards and tall border fences.

Plants and gardens can also tell stories about you, your grandparents and your heritage. So, let me introduce you to Plants without Borders.

The project has three goals:
1. To showcase native plants and gardens, throughout Florida and the Caribbean.
2. To introduce you to some interesting people with stories and a love for native plants.

3. To encourage cross-cultural conversations through native plants.

In this website, we will introduce you to some human friends and some plant friends that have more in common that you might imagine. Some of the plants are rather common, even weeds, and others might be a little obscure.

We invite you to comment and participate in these writings. Online you can tell about some plants that you like and about plants that tell stories from your culture and heritage. To comment, go to the bottom of the correct posting, and click on the brown word "comments," right after my name.

Or contact me, Carol, for more information at artsatstjohns@bellsouth.net or 305-613-2325.

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